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Getting ready for the holidays!

Halloween has passed and the leaves are almost entirely gone, which can only mean one thing… The Samantha with Love team is COMING TO TORONTO! This November, Samantha with Love will be continuing our Ontario Tour with The National Women’s Show at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto! We had such a fabulous time at the Ottawa event last month, so we are going all out for Toronto. We are beyond thrilled about our new company name, and our new holiday products, so come check us out!

While our team is preparing for this amazing event at the office, at home, we’re all about preparing for the holidays. Pulling those Christmas lights and tree ornaments out of storage, finding new holiday recipes and preparing our gift list is a magical experience for our team. That being said, we have decided to compile a list of our FIVE NOVEMBER MUST-DOS before the snow starts falling and the malls get crowded! Here we go!

  1. Get your winter tires on! For those of us who live in the great, northern country of Canada, most of us already have our winter tires on. If you haven’t gotten them changed yet, hurry! Some provinces have already been hit by snowstorms.
  2. Early Christmas shopping! If your family and friends have already graced you with their Christmas list, get to it! When you’re sitting on your couch watching Elf for the fifth time in mid-December, while everyone else is trudging through the mall parking lot, you’ll thank us.
  3. Put your fall wardrobe away, and make room for winter jackets! Put those leather jackets, jean jackets, and light cardigans in the back of your closet. Big sweaters, heavy boots, and parkas are coming your way in a few short weeks!
  4. Plan your parties! Let’s be realistic, there will be Christmas parties for work, with your family, and one or two with your friends. Planning them all in advance will give you an adequate amount of time to prepare your potluck meal, hostess gift, or find a few outfits!
  5. Attend the National Women’s Show in Toronto! Not only will you get excellent deals on hundreds of different products and services, but you’ll be able to experience fashion shows, workshops, and plenty of other entertainment. It is also a great place to buy unique gifts for loved-ones! 



  • Toronto National Women’s Show — November 15,16, and 17, 2019
  • - November 15, 2019 (10:00 am – 7:00 pm)
  • - November 16, 2019 (10:00 am – 6:00 pm)
  • - November 17, 2019 (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Metro Toronto Convention Center (MTCC),
255 Front St W,
Toronto, ON M5V 2W6


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