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Preparing for Spring!

Although the snow has still blanketed most of Montreal, we have already begun preparing for spring! It is March, after all, and we're hoping the snow will melt before we know it. With our new Spring Collection being released, we have started taking steps to decluttering our lives, and starting fresh!

We have put together some simple suggestions for a new, spring start!

1. Start spring cleaning early! Most people start clearing out their closets once the weather starts to lighten up, but we always wondered why? Why wait until the weather warms up? Start now! It is cold and dreary outside, so why not start cleaning your house while you still want to be inside!

2. Get a head start on planning your spring/summer vacations! We always have a blast planning for future vacays, so why not start now? It will give you something to look forward to when the spring snowstorms come around, and it's a great reason to buy that new bathing suit you saw! 

3. Start studying for finals! If you're a student, you know cramming once the weather starts to get nicer is brutal. While everyone else is enjoying the sunshine, you will likely be in the library. Well, if you start studying now, you will be fully prepared by April! Get to it!

4. The mega-sales are likely to be starting, so stock up on your winter clothes for next year! Need a new jacket or snowsuit? Check out those sales, because stores are liquidating at this time of year!

5. Prepare for the spring holidays! Weather you celebrate Easter, Passover, or anything in between, start making your menu! Buy those decorations or make them yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, allowing for a more relaxing hosting experience.

If you can get your spring chores done before the clouds break and the snow melts, you will be out there enjoying the nice weather while everyone else is indoors! 

Get to it!