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Soy Candles  Handmade with Love

March 21 - April 19

Aries do not run out of energy, are enthusiastic and adventurous with the burning desire to play and win in life. Aries are impulsive in their decisions but you’ll never see them regret the chances they took and are very competitive spirit. Aries is quite naive but has a good reputation for being trustworthy.

Each candle is hand poured over a wooden stove made with love and good intentions. Topped with dried flowers, sage and sea salt to purify your space as they burn, they are the perfect candle to gift a loved one or to manifest love, self-love, friendships and wishes. Our Zodiac candles are made with your choice of a triple wick or a crackling wood wick, and are topped off with two beautiful crystal stones.

These slow burning soy candles will brighten your mood with our selection of signature scents. Ignite the wick and let magic fill your home.


Soy Wax, Essential Oils, Magic