Commencing healthy habits at a confusing time like today is great, but keeping those habits up is even BETTER! I want to share some habits that I'm hoping to keep up with this Spring.
1.  EXERCISE.  Taking 30 minutes each day to exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself. Even if you can't do the full 30 minutes at once, you can take 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed.
2. MENTAL WELLNESS.  Mental wellness is crazy important! It cannot be pushed over its limit! If you feel too tired to do anything, or you feel like you have to talk yourself into motivation to do something, pushing yourself to do whatever you have to do, just don’t. It can make everything worse. Take a sick day! It is okay to take a sick day once in a while to take care of yourself!
3. HYDRATION! Remembering to drink the proper amount of water is pretty tough! Without the proper amount of water that you need, it can cause you to lose concentration and focus during the day. Try carrying a water bottle around with you. Your body will thank you later!
4. LAUGHING. Don’t be scared to laugh! Laughter is the best remedy, and you know it! Do things that make you laugh! Talk to people that make you laugh. They are the best kind of people to have around!
5.BUDGETING. Everyone should take some time to go over their income and monthly bills. Once you budget and know that you have the right amount of money on the side every month is such a great feeling! No stress on the money side!

 6.WRITING. When I say writing, I mean it can be typing, or with an actual pen ad paper. You can write anything you want! Your feelings, a poem, something you heard during that day that made you happy or angry. It is a really good habit to have. In the end, you get the choice of either keeping what you wrote or throwing it out.

7.CLEANING.Cleaning on a regular basis is GREAT. Try taking 10 minutes from your day to clean! We have all gone through the time where we haven’t cleaned and left the dishes pile up for the longest time. It doesn’t feel so good. You go to bed upset and wake up upset. PLUS it takes so much more time to clean when you finally get around to it!

8. CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Self challenges are super healthy! Challenge yourself to little random things! Like giving yourself only 10 minutes to finish all the dishes, or you have one month to lose 4 pounds, not drinking any sodas for a week, or going vegan for 3 days. There are many fun things to do!

Let's kick start these habits together!