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Samantha and her sisters have always had extreme skin conditions, such as eczema, acne, and irritated skin. They were never able to find products that merged both their girly personalities and a healthy skincare solution. Samantha and her sisters had no other option but to continue buying products that did not have the scents or colours they desired. That is when they started creating their own body butters that smelled like roses and sweet vanilla.

After Samantha finished her degrees in chemistry, she then pursued business school part-time as she moved to Toronto to pursue a career opportunity in Strategy and Leisure Events for VIA Rail Canada. She continued making skincare products as a hobby for family and friends.

Shortly after moving to Toronto, Samantha moved in with her uncle, Jack Layton, who was a very well respected Canadian leader. Unfortunately, her uncle was battling an aggressive cancer. While he was going through chemotherapy, his skin got flakey and dry, and nothing seemed to help. There was no real supply of natural products in Canada that worked for him, so Samantha created a special formula that is now known as, “Don’t be so Sensitive.”

Jack Layton’s love of her product, along with its amazing effect on his skin, propelled her small company forward. She would return home from work at VIA Rail in the evenings, and fill orders until the wee hours of the morning. She eventually decided she must move back to Montreal to pursue, what was then known as “Sugar and Spice with Love,” full time.

Six years later, we have relaunched the company as “Samantha with Love,” to honour the roots of our brand. Samantha took this small, family business to the next level by creating six different collections consisting of body butters, face creams, lip butters, lip scrubs, and soy candles, with exciting new products to come in the future.

The Samantha with Love team believes that scrubs and creams should be made with the most soothing fragrances, and rawest ingredients for sensitive skin. 

Each product is carefully designed and handcrafted in Montreal, Canada. For the creator, what started as an excuse to have some fun, be girly and creative, has turned into a passion for skincare made with love.



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