Sugar & Spice becomes SAMANTHA WITH LOVE

The colours are fading from the trees, the temperature is dropping, and our precious autumn is coming to a close. Although we love the warm smell of pumpkin spice lattes and the crisp crunch of the leaves beneath our feet, we are beyond excited for this holiday season! As a matter of fact, Sugar and Spice is thrilled to announce our OFFICIAL RELAUNCH AND NAME CHANGE!

That’s right! Our brand name will no longer be Sugar and Spice with Love. Instead, we are moving in a fresh, new direction with our new company name and logo, Samantha with Love! We have big goals for Samantha with Love, and we felt our old name, Sugar and Spice, would hold us back from growing within our community and abroad. Don’t worry! All of our products will remain the same, along with new collections we will be releasing throughout the year. Our official November 1st relaunch is to signify a new beginning for our team, and an exciting way to bring in the holiday season!

We’re relaunching with our new Holiday Collection, just in time for those cozy nights spent reading in front of the fireplace, decorating the Christmas tree, or baking goodies with your family and friends. Since we’re big fans of thick slippers, warm sweaters, and baked goods, we have put together a holiday activity list that keeps you productive, without forcing you into removing those fluffy socks you have on!


  1. Bake cookies! Not only does your house smell wonderful afterwards, but you’re left with a tasty dessert to bring to your holiday party, (or eat yourself while binging Netflix — we don’t judge).


  1. Decorate your space for the holidays! Take down your Halloween decorations and prepare for this year’s Christmas decor. Organize your tree ornaments, and make a list of new items you would like to buy this year.


  1. Make DIY gifts for family and friends! Pinterest’s DIY content is ridiculously cute, informative, and fun. Handmade gifts are inexpensive, and you avoid the madness of holiday shopping. It’s a win-win!


  1. Wrap those gifts you made, or bought, before Christmas Eve! Many, many, people leave gift wrapping to the last minute (guilty), or pay for the service. If done in advance, it could be a relaxing activity done in those ratty, old, pajamas you love.


  1. Update your CV and LinkedIn profiles! If you’re looking for employment starting after the holidays, it’s important that your information is up to date. Staying on top of this is important for keeping track of all of your educational and professional accomplishments, so recruiters can find you faster. Plus, you can do all of this from your bed!


We hope you enjoy our Cozy Holiday To-Do List, surrounded by your closest family and friends. Don’t forget that your favourite holiday scents are now available for purchase from Samantha with Love!




Samantha with Love HQ