I'm a Princess
I'm a Princess

I'm a Princess

Body Butter
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Body Butters  Handmade with Love


Pamper yourself like the princess you know you are! With swirling scents of Dark Cherry and smooth whipped texture. Every girl has an inner princess (or queen) and our body cream will add extra sparkle and shine to that crown of yours!

Carefully melted and mixed, our luxurious shea Body butter cream is handmade the old-fashioned way; right on the stovetop.

Spread this deliciously-smelling creation for an amazing moisturized feeling that lasts all day long. Our signature Body butter will leave your skin beautifully soft and smelling even better. The thick formula absorbs completely to give your skin the best moisture and glow we could fit in a jar. An added bonus?... it's gluten-free!

Your favourite butter is also available in mini! Throw the 2 oz minis in your purse or car for easy access all the time!


distilled water, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, glycerin, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin e, dark cherry extract

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