Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

Body Bar
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Goat's Milk Soap  Handmade with Love


How lovely are your branches? Do you remember the smells of the forest as you were bringing home that Christmas tree with your folks as a kid - piney, brisk and fresh?

Our goat milk Body Bars are perfect for keeping skin radiant and healthy. They clean, moisturize and smell fantastic! Start your day with energized and happy skin! You can even add a dose of gluten-free oatmeal exfoliant to your Bar for a heavenly scrub. Whatever you choose, plain or oats, we guarantee a luxurious experience. Our bars are environmentally friendly as the ingredients and exfoliant melts away on your skin, perfect for everyday use. 

Love your body! xox


Plain Bar:
goat's milk, essential oil

Oatmeal Bar:
goat's milk, essential oil, oatmeal

**Please note that our Body Bars may not lather as much as conventional soaps, as bubbles are made with chemicals we didn't add to our bars. Our bars are 100% goodness and made with love!**