Sweet Dreams Night Cream
Sweet Dreams Night Cream

Sweet Dreams Night Cream

Face Cream
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Face Cream  Handmade with Love


Close your eyes, make a wish and drift off into a relaxing sleep with our rose + lavender infused night cream. Sweet Dreams plays an important role in your skin’s elasticity and hydration as the soft florals treat and soothe the skin while relaxing the tissue.
Sleep tight love xo

Spread this deliciously smelling creation on for an amazing moisturized feeling that lasts all day long. Our signature Face Cream will leave your skin beautifully soft and smelling even better. The thick formula absorbs completely to give your skin the best moisture and glow we could fit in a jar. An added bonus?... it's gluten-free!

Good Night xo


distilled water, shea butter, glycerin, vitamin e, jojoba oil, aloe vera, lavender extract, and rose extract.

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